Jacqueline was born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, New York. Her father and his family are from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and still live there today. Raised by her grandmother, she has been cooking traditional Puerto Rican food since she could barely reach the stove.

Tina and Jackie owners of El Coqui in Santa Rosa CA

“I can remember every summer, my grandmother taking me back to Puerto Rico and working on the farm. As a kid, I had to help pick the coffee beans on the plantation and help cut the Guinneos. These are all of my mother’s and grandmother’s recipes. I am just glad that I have that to carry on to my kids and share with people here, who have never had it! Buen Provecho!”— Salute’ Jackie


Christina, born and raised in the California—North Bay—runs the business side of things while Jacqueline focuses her talents in the kitchen.

“There is something special about the Puerto Rican culture. The food is loaded with as much flavor and color as the people….then top it off with some great Salsa Music and it becomes an experience not just something to eat. Plus, I always say Jackie should have her own television show. She loves to entertain people, she loves to throw a good party, and make people laugh …this is going to be some place FUN!!”